Oak Valley Health Service


The Oak Valley Health Service delivers culturally-appropriate primary health care services, tailored to the needs of the Community and ensures the effective delivery of a broad range of clinical and population health services, including child and maternal health services.

  • clinical services including: diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses; emergency primary health care; prevention, detection and management of chronic conditions; specific interventions such as eyes, ears and oral health activities; health crisis intervention and referral.

Population Health Activities, including;

  • antenatal care services: providing advice about healthy eating and physical activity; referrals to other health services; referrals to support services; referrals to specialists; parenting advice; social and emotional wellbeing; and antenatal consultations;
  • postnatal care services: breastfeeding support/information; parenting advice about providing supportive and nurturing healthy environments, nutrition and healthy eating support; and midwife consultations;
  • child health services: child health and development checks; hearing screening; and providing parenting advice to mothers and families with children;
  • child and adult immunisation;
  • well-persons' screening for: diabetes, sexually transmissible infections, cardio-vascular, renal disease etc;
  • health promotion programs: nutrition, tackling smoking, alcohol, physical activity, sexual health, blood borne viruses, holistic health services, women's health services, men's health services, harm and injury reduction programs;
  • client/community assistance and advocacy on health-related matters.

Other Activities that Support Community Health

  • access to secondary and tertiary health services and community services: outreach, aged care and disability services;
  • maintaining systems to support clinical and organisational accreditation;
  • establishing and strengthening partnerships and collaboration at the local, regional and national level to support, for example, cross-sectoral, holistic integrated care pathways;
  • monitoring, evaluation and research including collection and reporting of national key performance indicators and other data;
  • using patient and service data for planning programs and targeting patient care and reporting and accountability to their communities and governments;
  • transport services supporting access to primary health care.

Oak Valley Health Service - Patient Information Sheet