Oak Valley Ranger Program

Ranger work activities are guided by environmental and cultural priorities developed in consultation with Traditional Owners and stakeholders. They align to relevant management plans of federal, state, local and regional management authorities.

Activities are undertaken on the Maralinga Tjarutja Lands. The Oak Valley Rangers focus is on the protection, conservation and management of environmental and cultural values and threats of national, state or regional significance;

  • Natural and cultural resource management, including Indigenous knowledge transfer, and feral animal, threatened species, weed, soil, fire, freshwater and sea management, in line with national and state priorities and in collaboration with stakeholders
  • Protection of terrestrial species
  • Visitor, workplace health and safety and infrastructure and asset management
  • Information management related to the Project, such as database management and contract management administration and repotting
  • Community education and development (e.g. engagement with local school), and staff training and skills development in natural and cultural resource management
  • Biosecurity monitoring
  • Developing employment and economic development opportunities, including fee-for-service projects

Representation of Indigenous rangers at natural and cultural resource management events, forums and conferences to increase knowledge and collaboration in caring for country

  • The management of water holes and cultural sites.
  • The collection and transfer of geographical and cultural traditional knowledge in consultation with Traditional Owners.
  • Cultural activities including return-to-country trips