Youth Program

The Youth Programme is designed to improve children’s development and wellbeing and support the capacity of those in the parenting role. Activities have a primary focus on children aged from 5 to 12 years but may include children up to the age of 18 years. The Youth Programme contributes to achieving the goals of the Safety and Wellbeing Programme under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy by supporting activities that nurture Aboriginal children and youth to improve pathways to prosperity and wellbeing.  The project has a focus on supporting the Cashless Debit Card Trial to reduce community harm arising from excessive alcohol and illicit drug consumption and gambling. The project complements the Remote School Attendance Strategy and other strategies employed by the school and community that improve safety and wellbeing.

  • After school care activities (Monday to Friday)
  • Activities and community events on weekends and holidays in partnership with the Remote School Attendance Strategy Team.
  • Collaborative Community on country excursions with the Aged Care Service and Health Service
  • Other joint activities in collaboration with the Yalata Community and Ceduna Youth services.